Drop Off and Pick Up

 Thank you for helping us keep our children safe.

Of course, carpooling is advised.

ALL vehicles should drive past the Chabad Center and make a right onto Penguin Lane. Then make an immediate right onto Ronde Drive. Then make a right onto Fernwood Drive. Then make a right onto Vets Highway or pull up, behind the line of cars. Please pull up to the driveway and wait for your child to be called. DO NOT PARK PAST THE DRIVEWAY. When your child has entered the car, wait until you are the first in line and then pick up speed by driving on the shoulder in front of the building and then merging onto Vets Highway.

Please do not stand on Vets Highway to the West of Fernwood.



Please stay in touch with the other families in Hebrew School. Zoom in to the Map below and find a family that lives near you for socail or carpool coordination. If you would like the contact info for that family, please contact the office.

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