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Help us end 2016 in the black
Finishing the year with a bang!
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Goal:  $36,000

Do you benefit from Chabad of Mid-Suffolk?

Do you enjoy seeing and participating in the activities and program we do here in our Community?

Would you like to see us do even more?

Whether it is for families, adults, men, women, teens and children...Chabad is there constantly bringing the beauties of Judaism to all members of the community.

As the year comes to a close, we are very close to covering our entire $450,000 budget!

With 10 days left to the year, we stand only $40,000 short...

So here is an awesome opportunity to make sure that Chabad has the support to keep our important work going. Remember...ALL of our funding comes from the local community and stays here to support local activities.

Here is how it works:

We have set out to raise a total of $36,000 in only 36 hours!

But you're not alone. Thanks to several generous matchers​​, your donation to Chabad of Mid-Suffolk will be doubled!!!!

$50 --> NOW multiplied by 2 = $100 $180 --> NOW multiplied by 2 = $360 $250 --> NOW multiplied by 2 = $500 $1000 --> NOW multiplied by 2 = $2000 $1800 --> NOW multiplied by 2 = $3600

But we only have 36 hours!! These generous donors have only committed to do this in the next 48 hours...


This past year Chabad of Mid-Suffolk has played an indispensable role in bringing love, friendship, and the joy of Judaism to so many, regardless of their level of commitment or affiliation.

Our ongoing programs of Hebrew School, CTeen, Men's club, Jewish Women's Events, Community Shabbat Dinners, Holiday programming and Events, Synagogue Services, Adult Education, Lectures, Visitation to the Elderly and Hospitals, One and One Learning, Social Programs and so much more

Please partner with us. Your 100% Tax deductible Donation will be going to your (our) community!

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We Thank Our Recent Partners
rivkah katz
David Amram
Merry Becker
Andrew & Elisa Haber
Bentzion & Chaya Singer
Alan & Lisa Morris