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We are pleased that you have chosen our school for your child’s supplementary Jewish education. We believe that the Hebrew School experience should be fun, inspiring, and provide warm memories for a lifetime. Your child should gain a basic understanding of Jewish life and traditions and a strong grasp of the Hebrew language. Most important, we hope to instill in your child a love of Judaism, a pride in being Jewish, and a commitment to a Jewish life.  

The Goals of Our Program

  • To attain a strong feeling of identity with our heritage and to develop a sense of love and pride in being Jewish.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the mitzvoth, traditions and practices of Judaism, study the morals, values and ethical behavior mandated by the Torah, and develop an appreciation and experience a hands-on approach to all holidays.
  • Master the skills of Hebrew reading, emphasizing prayers, so that the students will feel comfortable with the Siddur during services, and preparing them for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
  • Discover and explore the incredible history of the Jewish people and its relevance for all times.
  • Allow students to express their opinions and questions about G‑d, Torah and religion and to have them understand the importance and relevance of Torah in today’s day and age.
  • Attain a “Jewish” perspective on life and maintain Jewish feelings and involvement beyond the years at Hebrew school and ultimately perpetuate this on to future generations.
  • Identify with the Land of Israel as their own land and develop an interest in issues relating to Israel and its inhabitants.

General Information

Hours & Location






Grade K-2


4:30 – 6:00 pm


Grade 3-6


9:30 – 11:30 am



4:30 – 6:00 pm




Grade 7


6:15 - 8:00 pm



Regular school attendance is crucial in accomplishing the goals of our educational program. There is a direct correlation between attendance records and achievement. When a child comes late or leaves early, the entire class is disrupted and precious time is wasted.
When your child is absent, s/he is responsible to find out what was learned on that day. Feel free to call the office and leave a message for a teacher to call you back. Please notify the office if your child will be absent for any length of time due to illness or vacation. 


Please notify us in case of contagious disease so that we may notify the parents of other children in the class. Also be sure to let us know of any changes in your child’s medical condition during the year.

In the event of an emergency during school hours, the parents will be contacted. If neither the parents or the emergency contact listed on the medical form cannot be contacted, the child will be taken to the hospital.

Drop Off & Pick Up

The school will be open for students ten minutes prior to the beginning of class. Children are not to be dropped off before this time. We ask parents to be sensitive to the needs of our staff and arrive promptly for pickup.

If you need to pick up your child early, please send a note with an explanation and time you need to pick up. This will allow the teacher to be sure your child is ready and minimize the disruption to the rest of the class.

At Chabad:
We understand that our parking lot does not adequately fit the needs of all our parents and we therefore have developed the following procedure: When dropping off your child, please pull up to the driveway on Veterans Highway without entering and someone will be there to make sure that your child will enter the building safely.

When picking up, please form a line on Veterans Highway continuing down Fernwood Lane. As you approach the front of the building, we will call your child out and escort him/her to the car. Only the first car in line should pull back into traffic. There will be an empty area in front of the building for you to increase speed and merge safely onto Vets Highway.

Books & Supplies

All textbooks and workbooks will be provided by the school at the beginning of the year. There is no charge being that it is included in the tuition fee. All books are to be treated with respect. If your child loses a book, you will be charged for a new one.

If you would like to purchase some of the school books for practice at home, please contact the office.


We provide each boy a Kippa (Yarmulka) when they come into class, but we highly recommend that your child should have a Kippa of his own to bring each week. The connection to this tradition is so much more meaningful when they are wearing something they helped pick out in the store.


A Kosher snack is provided for your child each day. We request that you do not send in any additional snacks or drinks due to Kosher and health reasons. If your child is allergic to any food or beverages, please be sure that is written on his/her medical form.


With the understanding that your child has much homework from the studies at school, we try not to add to that burden with adding our own. We never the less can only encourage you to motivate your child and to ask them if they need any additional help. Aleph Champ (see below) testing to advance levels is only once a month. We do suggest that when you are approaching that date you do put in some extra time with your child to make sure they advance accordingly.
In conjunction with the “Discover – Your Jewish Heritage” program, there will be optional Torah Trivia questions for them to answer and earn points. If your child does need help – please assist accordingly

Behavior Expectation:

Chabad Hebrew School strives to create an atmosphere that reflects our traditional Jewish values. Our students understand that respect for teachers, for each other, and for all school property, is essential for a successful learning environment. We expect each student to treat fellow students and teachers with courtesy. We expect all rules and regulations for student behavior to be complied with in class and during school events. We do not allow loud, abusive, or demeaning language. We expect all students to act responsibly and with caution, exercising special care in the parking lot.


Discover – Your Jewish Heritage

As part of our ongoing effort to give your child the most enjoyable Jewish Experience, we have introduced the ‘Discover – Your Jewish Heritage’ Project. An exciting point system that rewards you for being who you are – Jewish! By attending Hebrew School in top form and fulfilling the monthly mission, you accumulate points which will buy you great prizes. Each child will receive a packet describing the details of the program. But beware – this may change the way your child views his Jewish Heritage!

Aleph Champ!!

This groundbreaking program has become the talk of town! This system offers a new and innovative Hebrew reading technique that involves ten easily attainable levels for children to master. Students are motivated and have clear goals defined for them.
Please encourage your child to practice Hebrew reading at home using flash cards and any reading material provided by the school. We look forward to making champion readers out of all our students.


Lessons on each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar as we proceed from Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays through the holiday of Shavuot. The students will have a deeper understanding of each holiday and its traditions.

Jewish Values & Ethics

The students will read and discuss stories and case scenarios that have practical application to our everyday life. They will understand that our religion is based on a G‑d given set of values and morals. This course will involve home discussions and surveys as well as other extra-curricular activities.
Mitzvoth: Why do we do what we do?
Why do women light Shabbat candles? Why is the bride veiled at a Jewish wedding? Why are blue and white “Jewish” colors? This class will teach basic mitzvoth. It will also cover the Jewish life cycle.

Jewish Music and Song

Led by our instructors, our students will learn many Jewish songs from the “oldies” to the songs of the new century. When your child encounters a Jewish song being sung, they will easily be able to join in to the festivities. Please ask your child about it.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Chabad Hebrew Schools will offer a variety of extra curricular activities such as guest speakers, Shabbatons, field trips, contests, etc. These events will allow our students and their families to experience Judaism in its entirety, both in and out of the classroom.

Parent – School Relationship

Parent Responsibilities

  • Bringing and picking up your child on time
  • Following your child’s progress through contact with his/her teachers
  • Being supportive of the objectives of Chabad Hebrew School and its staff
  • Taking an active part in your child’s Jewish education, whenever possible.


Communication between parents and staff is very important and will help make the Hebrew School experience more pleasant for your child. We often send important notices home with your child. Please be sure to ask for them each day.

We have invested a lot of resources to completely redo our website and present to you the cutting edge of Hebrew School technology. As you will learn its many features you will be wowed by its capabilities. The main feature is the login page where you can keep in touch with your child’s teachers, view any updates about the school as well as get updates about your child’s studies.

There will also be weekly emails updating you about every classes' studies.

Our school is blessed with a staff of professional and dedicated individuals. Each of them spend hours planning their lessons and designing creative methods of injecting fun and excitement into the program. They are deeply concerned about the progress of each individual student, and would be more than willing to spend time discussing your child’s progress with you.


We have installed a security camera on top of the front entrance to the building. In addition, in order to get into the buiding, you must be buzzed in. Please press the button to the left of the door and someone will let you in.

Classroom Visitation:

Parents wishing to visit a child’s classroom may do so upon receiving permission from the principal. Teachers are not available to converse with parents while the class is in progress but are happy to arrange an appointment or telephone conference with you.
Students who wish to bring a guest to school are welcome to do so after notifying us in advance.

How you can help the school

There are many areas in which parents can be involved in the school. You may wish to:
  • Do a special art activity
  • Volunteer to help at one of our many Family Events
  • Share a talent or hobby
  • Help with fundraising projects
  • Donate toys and supplies
  • Tell your friends about the school
  • Drive on school trips.

Quick Facts

 Director:                      Mrs. Gillie Schanowitz

Office phone:                 631.543.3343

Mailing address:            318 Veterans Highway

                                    Commack, NY 11725

Email:                          [email protected]