Since joining Chabad of Commack in August of 2004, Rabbi Mendel and Brocha Teldon, have made a strong imprint on Judaism in the mid-Suffolk County area. Building on 25 years of Chabad success, the young couple continues to reach out in a warm and welcoming fashion, drawing over 1000 participants to our popular holiday programs and seeking to expand Chabad's synagogue. Responding to a strong interest for serious adult education, Chabad of Mid Suffolk has now introduced the Jewish Learning Institute to the community, providing professional-level Jewish education led by our very own Rabbi Mendel Teldon. And with her fun approach in sharing the joys and depths of Judaism, Brocha Teldon continues to build a steady and appreciative following, especially to her Shabbos eve dinner table. With plans for expanded women's and children's programming, many more will experience Judaism and its traditions.

“I am the second generation of Chabad in Commack” says Rabbi Teldon proudly. “G‑d willing our children, Levi, Chana, Moshe, Yisroel, Meir and Rafael will be the third generation that will continue to help implement the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of saintly memory; a vision of reaching out to every Jew wherever he or she may be in every corner of the globe with the joy and vitality of our Jewish heritage.”

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