HochAfter growing up in a traditional conservative shul and always being an active part of a local synagogue, our family joined Chabad this year.  From the moment we came to our first Shabbat service to “see what it was all about”, we were truly impressed with Rabbi Mendy and Brocha and the entire Teldon family.  Their approach to Judaism, wisdom and knowledge, commitment, dedication and warmth was (is) exuded at all times with all people.  Upon an initial discussion over kiddush with Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, we will never forget his wise words when describing Chabad and JA standards of education;  “When the standards are kept high, Jews will come.”  This dedicated, intelligent and positive approach to learning (and our future) was enlightening. 
We joined Chabad because we want our children to grow up in a Jewish and Hamish environment with wonderful education, experiences and warmth that will leave a lifelong impression and complement what we teach at home.  Having only been members a short while, we have all, already, been touched in so many different ways!  The ruach (spirit), enthusiasm, dedication, creativity and exciting and innovative approaches to learning are but a few of Chabad’s attributes.  The compassionate and caring nature and hard work of the Teldon family and teachers, as well as the educational programs, are fantastic. 
Our family looks forward to a very bright, vibrant future as we continue to grow with more young families that can enjoy, learn and prosper as we are!   

“I enjoy Chabad because I am learning lots of new things like Sarah had a baby at 99 years old!  I am learning great new tunes to prayers and songs, and love the new Discover My Judaism program.  I really love the tradition of doing Aleph Champ on Sundays, the holidays (especially Simchat Torah) and the Shofar factory, as well as all of the terrific Jewish crafts.”

- - Michelle (age 8) 
“I like going to Chabad because it is fun.  I love to play with the babies!”  

- -Stephanie (age 4) 
“I am excited to be a member of Chabad since I was a tiny baby.  I think that I would like to go to Hebrew school with my sisters next year – at age 2 J.” 

- -Matthew (age 1)

Jen & Jeff Hoch