StarrA year and a half ago we were exploring ideas for our youngest son to obtain a Jewish Education.  We knew we wanted something different and fulfilling.  My close friend said “You gotta try Chabad!”  The rest is history.

However, when I mention to others that we belong to Chabad I found that there is one basic myth that needs to be addressed:  People think you have to be Orthodox to participate in Chabad:  Total Myth.  In fact, most people are NOT orthodox.  Chabad is  non – judgemental and their goal is NOT to make you orthodox.  Chabad is here to help every Jew regardless of affiliation.  They are here to help one gain knowledge of Torah with great spirit and enthusiasm.  It is up to the individual to decide how far they wish to take this knowledge.

Chabad is so innovative.  It’s a family orientated place where students can socialize in a comfortable home-like setting with friends, food and discussion.  You can even question your faith without judgement.  It’s a place to gain an appreciation of Jewish Heritage. The creative staff are always prepared with fun Torah discussion and projects for every age level.  Shabbat dinners, Jewish holidays and special adult classes are also a big hit with our family.

We are thankful to Rabbi Teldon and Brocha Teldon for opening up their warm hearts from day one.  We plan on sticking around!

Barbara, Jay, Michael & Alex Starr