GreenbergThe meaning of Chabad has been a welcoming surprise to us!!  Allow me to explain.

After spending four uninspired years at a large reformed temple where the Hebrew School was a “drag” on our kids, we needed to make some important family choices. The choice of the Chabad has re-affirmed our desire to understand and accept Judaism into our everyday lives.

During our first meeting with Rabbi Teldon and Brocha Teldon, we were confident the Chabad would allow us to re-energize our spiritual beliefs and enjoy a congregation that represented our community.  However, I was a bit concerned about Rabbi Teldon’s promise that our kids would, “Enjoy and want to attend Hebrew School.”  

Little did I know the Rabbi and Brocha had a few teaching techniques and adventures for us to see.  The assimilation of Discovery Points, Karate Belts and Touch Football into the learning experience has created a fun atmosphere for our kids.  The Family Shabbat services, softball games, barbeques and themed parties have allowed us to meet and enjoy our new congregation and friends.  The Rabbi kept his promise!

Now, back to the meaning of Chabad.  For us, Chabbad is an enjoyable means to understand and celebrate Jewish life.  As we are planning our oldest son’s Bar Mitzvah, we are proud of our decision to join the Chabad and welcome Rabbi Teldon and Brocha into our lives.

Howard & Abby Greenberg