GoldenThe one word that would best sum up our Chabad experience would be “welcoming.” Since joining the Chabad Hebrew School last September, our family has been embraced with open hands. At the barbeque in September, Rabbi Mendy immediately introduced himself and learned my family’s names. (I don’t think the Rabbi at my own Bat Mitzvah even knew my name).

Having been raised in a reformed household, my temple experience basically consisted of the High Holidays, Hebrew School and my Bat Mitzvah. Since joining the Hebrew School last fall, my family has celebrated more holidays that we could have imagined: we’ve eaten in a Sukkah, danced with the Torah on Simchas Torah, cut the Rabbi’s son’s hair at his Upshernish, and attended a Purim party where the Rabbi was reading the Megillah in a space costume! (Matt and I still chuckle at the thought of it).

Most importantly, my children are learning that Judaism can be fun. My 8 year old son, Luke (who is not easy to please - - as most eight year olds can be) actually enjoys attending Hebrew School! He looks forward to earning his next ‘karate’ belt. (Admittedly, the no homework policy also is appealing to him.) And my four year old daughter, Ellie, loves to see which party we are going to attend next time at Chabad.

See you at the next Chabad function. 
Matt, Sue, Luke and Ellie Golden