After growing up in a traditional conservative shul and always being an active part of a local synagogue, our family joined Chabad this year.  From the moment we came to our first Shabbat service to “see what it was all about”, we were truly impressed with Rabbi Mendy and Brocha and the entire Teldon family.  Their approach to Judaism, wisdom and knowledge, commitment, dedication and warmth was (is) exuded at all times with all people.  Upon an initial discussion over kiddush with Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, we will never forget his wise words when describing Chabad and JA standards of education;  “When the standards are kept high, Jews will come.”  This dedicated, intelligent and positive approach to learning (and our future) was enlightening.
We joined Chabad because we want our children to grow up in a Jewish and Hamish environment with wonderful education, experiences and warmth that will leave a lifelong impression and complement what we teach at home.  Having only been members a short while, we have all, already, been touched in so many different ways!  The ruach (spirit), enthusiasm, dedication, creativity and exciting and innovative approaches to learning are but a few of Chabad’s attributes.  The compassionate and caring nature and hard work of the Teldon family and teachers, as well as the educational programs, are fantastic.
Our family looks forward to a very bright, vibrant future as we continue to grow with more young families that can enjoy, learn and prosper as we are!  

“I enjoy Chabad because I am learning lots of new things like Sarah had a baby at 99 years old!  I am learning great new tunes to prayers and songs, and love the new Discover My Judaism program.  I really love the tradition of doing Aleph Champ on Sundays, the holidays (especially Simchat Torah) and the Shofar factory, as well as all of the terrific Jewish crafts.” - - Michelle (age 8)
“I like going to Chabad because it is fun.  I love to play with the babies!”  - - Stephanie (age 4)
“I am excited to be a member of Chabad since I was a tiny baby.  I think that I would like to go to Hebrew school with my sisters next year – at age 2 J.”  - - Matthew (age 1)

Jen & Jeff Hoch



The meaning of Chabad has been a welcoming surprise to us!!  Allow me to explain.

After spending four uninspired years at a large reformed temple where the Hebrew School was a “drag” on our kids, we needed to make some important family choices. The choice of the Chabad has re-affirmed our desire to understand and accept Judaism into our everyday lives.

During our first meeting with Rabbi Teldon and Brocha Teldon, we were confident the Chabad would allow us to re-energize our spiritual beliefs and enjoy a congregation that represented our community.  However, I was a bit concerned about Rabbi Teldon’s promise that our kids would, “Enjoy and want to attend Hebrew School.”  

Little did I know the Rabbi and Brocha had a few teaching techniques and adventures for us to see.  The assimilation of Discovery Points, Karate Belts and Touch Football into the learning experience has created a fun atmosphere for our kids.  The Family Shabbat services, softball games, barbeques and themed parties have allowed us to meet and enjoy our new congregation and friends.  The Rabbi kept his promise!

Now, back to the meaning of Chabad.  For us, Chabbad is an enjoyable means to understand and celebrate Jewish life.  As we are planning our oldest son’s Bar Mitzvah, we are proud of our decision to join the Chabad and welcome Rabbi Teldon and Brocha into our lives.

Howard & Abby Greenberg


Starr.jpgA year and a half ago we were exploring ideas for our youngest son to obtain a Jewish Education.  We knew we wanted something different and fulfilling.  My close friend said “You gotta try Chabad!”  The rest is history.

However, when I mention to others that we belong to Chabad I found that there is one basic myth that needs to be addressed:  People think you have to be Orthodox to participate in Chabad:  Total Myth.  In fact, most people are NOT orthodox.  Chabad is  non – judgemental and their goal is NOT to make you orthodox.  Chabad is here to help every Jew regardless of affiliation.  They are here to help one gain knowledge of Torah with great spirit and enthusiasm.  It is up to the individual to decide how far they wish to take this knowledge.

Chabad is so innovative.  It’s a family orientated place where students can socialize in a comfortable home-like setting with friends, food and discussion.  You can even question your faith without judgement.  It’s a place to gain an appreciation of Jewish Heritage. The creative staff are always prepared with fun Torah discussion and projects for every age level.  Shabbat dinners, Jewish holidays and special adult classes are also a big hit with our family.

We are thankful to Rabbi Teldon and Brocha Teldon for opening up their warm hearts from day one.  We plan on sticking around!

Barbara, Jay, Michael & Alex Starr 

Golden.JPGThe one word that would best sum up our Chabad experience would be “welcoming.” Since joining the Chabad Hebrew School last September, our family has been embraced with open hands. At the barbeque in September, Rabbi Mendy immediately introduced himself and learned my family’s names. (I don’t think the Rabbi at my own Bat Mitzvah even knew my name).

Having been raised in a reformed household, my temple experience basically consisted of the High Holidays, Hebrew School and my Bat Mitzvah. Since joining the Hebrew School last fall, my family has celebrated more holidays that we could have imagined: we’ve eaten in a Sukkah, danced with the Torah on Simchas Torah, cut the Rabbi’s son’s hair at his Upshernish, and attended a Purim party where the Rabbi was reading the Megillah in a space costume! (Matt and I still chuckle at the thought of it).

Most importantly, my children are learning that Judaism can be fun. My 8 year old son, Luke (who is not easy to please - - as most eight year olds can be) actually enjoys attending Hebrew School! He looks forward to earning his next ‘karate’ belt. (Admittedly, the no homework policy also is appealing to him.) And my four year old daughter, Ellie, loves to see which party we are going to attend next time at Chabad.

See you at the next Chabad function.
Matt, Sue, Luke and Ellie Golden


Weber.JPGBefore we can talk about Chabad we have to give a little background. We were in a bit of a temple rut. We belonged to a fairly large temple along with some friends and family members. While the atmosphere and services were nice, there was something missing. It seemed to us to be more of a “factory” approach to Judaism. You went to services, your children attended Hebrew school, and you fulfilled all of the requirements of a member of the congregation. Being that it was a large congregation it was difficult for the rabbi to know all of the congregants on a personal level. For us, this was part of “the missing link”. In addition, our ten-year-old daughter was attending Hebrew school and was not enjoying the experience. 

To be honest, we had heard about Chabad and toyed with the idea of becoming members for about a year before we actually joined. While we knew some members who were very happy with their experience, we were held back by the misconceptions that are out there about the Chabad.  We made an appointment with Rabbi Mendy and he addressed all of our concerns in a friendly and straightforward manner. We knew that this was a place where we wanted to be. We were warmly welcomed by teachers and other Chabad members. Rabbi Mendy immediately got to know our family and we quickly found the “missing link” we had been looking for. Plus, our daughter actually enjoys going to Hebrew school (yes, we actually said that!). The teachers use a hands-on approach each week and really make learning fun. Plus the Alpha Champs program to learning Hebrew is very motivating. We really could not have asked for more.

So now for the answer of what Chabad means to us. Chabad is a warm, welcoming, family oriented environment where you feel like a member of a congregation and not a number. It is a place to learn in both a fun and educational manner. We have been very happy with our decision to become members and would gladly recommend Chabad to others.

The Weber Family
Robyn, Adam, Morgan, and Taylor