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Friday, 29 October, 2010 - 3:01 pm

David Goldberg, a seasoned doctor, turns to Harry Rabinowitz, the man seated next to him in the synagogue, and says, "Harry, you're an intelligent lawyer, I need your help."
The doctor begins his lament. "Every Shabbos," he says, "during the entire time of the service, people approach me seeking medical advice. This one has stomach pains, this one's wife woke up with a headache, this guy's mother-in-law's back hurts. I am just sick and tired of this. Shabbos is my only day of rest."
"Listen to me," says Harry. "Next guy that comes over, give him the advice he needs, but make sure to send him a bill for your medical advice the following week. I guarantee you," says Harry, "that in no time you will have peace and quiet in the synagogue."
"Great idea!" exclaims the doctor. He returns home in a great mood.
Tuesday, as David is opening the mail, he finds a bill from his friend Harry Rabinowitz.

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