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The Will

Sunday, 1 May, 2011 - 12:00 pm

Morris dies suddenly soon after his 70th birthday. Two month’s later, his family is sitting around the desk of Morris’s solicitor for the reading of the Will.  The solicitor thanks all of them for coming and then reads out Morris’s Last Will and Testament.
"I, Morris Avrahom Levy, being of sound mind, make the following gifts. To my beautiful, sweet wife Rivkah, I leave my Hampstead house, my Birchington holiday flat, and £800,000 in cash and shares.  Enjoy darling. To my handsome and hardworking son Paul, I leave my Lexus car and £200,000 in cash. Keep up the good work, Paul.  To my gorgeous and clever daughter Suzanne, I leave my Jaguar car and £200,000 in cash. I love you, darling Suzy. And to my brother Henry, who always told me in no uncertain terms that ‘health’ is so much more important than ‘wealth’, I leave my exercise bike and treadmill."

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