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Chabad Makeover

After months of planning, we have finally started the process of beautifying the Chabad Center and making a building that we will all be proud to call home.

Weekly Round-Up

We would like to thank:

Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Jodi Haas
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn & Karen Riegler
Rabbi Shimon Susskind
Rabbi Levi Teldon

We are now at $11,520!!

Stay tuned for more news next week.

And the Excitment is Growing..

We would like to thank all those who gave so generously to our Chabad Makeover Campaign. It is only because of your contributions that will make our ambitious goal a reality. In just 2 weeks we have raised a total of $6510.

Thank you to those who are part of our success:

Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Carol Laffer
Rabbi & Mrs. Yossel & Rikki Laine
Ms. Denise Novick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Alyssa Roth
Mr. Robert Saltzman
Mr. & Mrs. Lenord & Anita Schwartz
Rabbi Yitzi Steiner

Weekly Update

We are pleased to announce that this week the crew will begin the work on the driveway and parking lot.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have given their support this week to allow us to to build a place thatwe are all proud to call home.

Mr. & Mrs. Miguel & Segal Bonilla
Mr. & Mrs. Hy & Judith Brownstein
Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Rhonda Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Shelly & Sandy Klareich
Dr. Ron Roth
Mr. & Mrs. Levi & Rivkie Wilhelm



Today the promotional video was completed. It was produced by Rabbi Levi Teldon (brother - not son, of Rabbi Mendel Teldon). and yes, his time and talent was a donation - Thanks!

Thanks to Mrs. Abby Greenberg for your warm words - we will miss you and the whole family!

Here is the link: Video

Let the ball keep rolling!

We would like to thank the following families for helping us launch the campaign:
Mr. Paul & Bonnie Liebman
Dr. Sanford Scheman
Rabbi Yaakov & Zoey  Saacks


Our flashy brochure went into the mail today... keep your eyes open to see what the mailman will bring you.

It was designed by Ms. Nechoma Marcus of Marc Lumer Design fame.

We thank Mr. Sholom & Esther Laine & Mr. Yossel & Rikki Laine from The Printhouse for donating the printing of the brochure.

It has started

Over the past few weeks, as a donation in memory of his parents, Mr Roni Barazani has donated the new walkway in front of chabad as well as the new Eastern Wall in the sanctuary. May their memory be blessed.













Big Stuff!!

After months of planning and debating - we have finally started the process of beautifying the Chabad Center and making a building that we will all be proud to call home.

What we would like to do is redo the external appearance of the building, including; the facade, walkway, landscaping, driveway, fences and other minor changes.

Inside we are putting down a new floor, new lighting, moving some walls in the sanctuary as well as painting all around.

We look foward to keeping you in the loop as the project develops.

The construction will be done by Mr. Roni Barazani & RonRho construction.

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