Bar Mitzvah Prep sheet

As you get ready for the big day, here are some helpful links for it to be easier:

This is a manual that will answer most of your questions. 

Here is the calendar of booked Bar Mitzvah dates. 

Calculate your child's Hebrew Birthday here. 

If you need assistance in writing the speech, click here for a Bat Mitzvah and here for a Bar Mitzvah.

Here is info for a Mitzvah project. Please discuss with one of the Rabbis to finalize the details.

As a reminder, the Bar Mitzvah boy/Bat Mitzvah girl must come to services 6 times in the 5 months before the celebration.  

Here is some help for the service itself. 

     Prayers that can be said by the parents:

     Prayers to be said by other members of the family: Chapter 20Chapter 100

     Prayers for before and after the reading of the Torah. (Here is an interactive version with the audio.) 

If you would like to put up a plaque on the Tree of Life in the sanctuary in honor of this special occasion, please click here

A week before the big event, please fill out the Aliyah form below.

Aliyah is given to Jewish males over the age of 13. The Aliyah honors will be reading from here:  

  Bar Mitzvah Name* Boy's Hebrew Name * Father's Hebrew Name * Date of Event *


Hebrew Name

Father's Hebrew Name

Relation to Bar Mitzvah

Aliya 1 (Cohen):
Aliyah 2 (Levi):
*If the service is on Saturday morning there are 4 more Aliyas 
All Torah services have the following:  
Lifting Torah:
Dressing Torah:
Opening Ark:
Opening Ark #2


I would like to give a donation to Chabad of Mid-Suffolk in honor of this special occasion:  
Card Number                         Exp.             CVV (
What is CVV)

Address                        City                              State     Zip                   Phone 


We look forward to celebrating with you!