We do not have any formal type of homework but we strongly encourage you to ask the children what they have learned and bring then to the many extra curricular activities to enhance their Jewish education.

Code of Conduct 

Dear Parents,

As the number of people that attend our events continues to grow we are faced with the new challenge of ensuring the safety and welfare of our children.  We  are delighted at the number of new families we have attending the many classes and events happening at The Chabad Center.  It is of the utmost importance that everyone shares in the joy of our blossoming Jewish community coming together whether it is to learn, laugh or pray. 

A vital ingredient to our continued joy is the children whom we all cherish. Of equal importance is that all of our children at all times be under the direct supervision and guidance of a parent.  Please, we ask you to continue guiding and directing your children while enjoying all we offer at The Chabad Center.  The children not only count on your guidance  they thrive on it.  We count on the supervision of your children and we, as well, will thrive as a result.

We look forward to seeing you and your family often.

Best Wishes,

Rabbi Mendel & Brocha Teldon