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Friday, 10 December, 2010 - 2:56 pm

The Israeli Airforce was testing a newly designed fighter jet. It was the fastest jet ever, but once it reached top speed, the wings ripped off right at the seam where they joined the fuselage (main body of the jet).
They hired the best trained engineers to work on redesigning the wings, but, alas, the wings continued to fall off at top speeds.
Finally, someone suggested they get the local rabbi to bless the jet. The rabbi looked over the jet and said: "You don't need a blessing. All you need to do is drill a series of little holes in a straight line right where the wings meet the body of the plane."
The engineers said "This is crazy! That will only further weaken the wings and surely make them fall off even sooner."
The rabbi simply said "Trust me."
So, they trusted him. After drilling the holes, they tested the jet. Sure enough, the wings stayed on!
They asked the rabbi "How did you know this would work?"
His answer (naturally, it was a question): "Have you EVER been able to break a matzoh right along the perforation?"


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