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Car Sales

Friday, 23 March, 2012 - 3:26 pm

Issy and his friend Benny meet in Brent Cross for their regular fortnightly chat over coffee. "Oy veh, Benny," says Issy, "I just can’t seem to sell my car. I’ve been advertising it in the Jewish Chronicle for nearly 2 months and I haven’t had even one enquiry."
"Really?" replies Benny, "So how did you word the advert?"
"It went something like this," replies Issy,

1985 Ford Cortina 1300 for sale: One rear brake light missing, bonnet dented in two places, no air conditioning, no radio, side window cracked, needs re-spray. £500 or near offer
Benny thinks for a moment and says, "Oy, no wonder no one called. Take out your note book and write down this better advert. You’ll sell your car very quickly." He then dictates this advert
Vintage car for sale: unique, lots of character, owned by non-smoker, good runner, light on petrol, open space plan, easy to maintain, one or two things to put right but ideal for the imaginative executive who’s going places
When they meet up again a few weeks later, Benny asks Issy, "Nu? So did you sell the car already?"
"Are you meshugga?" replies Issy, "why should I sell such a wonderful car like that?"

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