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Friday, 4 February, 2011 - 1:49 pm

Moshe, Reilly, Sean and Rowan had been best of friends for over 10 years when unfortunately, Rowan is killed in a car crash. The next day, the three remaining friends are looking at Rowan’s body in his coffin.
Reilly says, "You know, Rowan was such a great guy and friend to me that I don’t want him to go empty handed. I’m going to give him £500."
With that, he takes out £500 in notes and throws them into the coffin.
Then Sean says, "I agree with you. I’ll match your gift."
And Sean throws £500 in notes into the coffin.
Moshe says, "I liked him more than you two, so I’m going to give him £1,000."
With that, Moshe writes out a cheque for £2,000, throws it into the coffin and takes out £1,000 change.

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