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Making a Living

Thursday, 7 January, 2010 - 1:30 pm

Moshe is strolling down Oxford Street one afternoon when he sees a beggar sitting on the pavement outside John Lewis department store with a placard around his neck saying, in Yiddish, "PLEASE CAN YOU HELP A POOR MAN"

Moshe notices that the beggar is always smiling and whenever passers-by put money in his hat, the beggar thanks them personally. So Moshe goes over to the beggar and puts a £5 note in his hat.

"Why thank you very much sir," says the beggar, "you are very generous."

"Tell me," asks Moshe, "don’t you have a family?"

"Oh yes," replies the beggar, "I have a lovely family."

"Do you have any children?" asks Moshe.

"I have two handsome boys and two beautiful girls," replies the beggar, "and all four are very happily married."

"Well I think it’s disgraceful that they won’t support you," says Moshe.

"But they would support me if I let them," says the beggar.

"So why don’t you let them?" asks Moshe.

"What, and lose my hard won independence?" replies the beggar.

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