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Could be worse

Friday, 11 December, 2009 - 1:16 pm

A Jewish man goes to his doctor. "Doctor", he says, "I've had a dreadful week. On Monday I lost my job." "Well. Things could be worse", replies the doctor without looking up. "But that's not all", says his patient. "On Tuesday my house was reposessed by the bank." Again the doctor simply shrugs. "Things could be worse", he replies."To cap it all",says his patient, "my son who has been married for 2o years and has three adorable children, announces that he is gay." The doctor now looks up. "Well", he says, "things could be worse." At this point his patient becomes very annoyed. "How can you sit there and say that? How could it be worse?" he retorts. The doctor looks down at his paperwork on his desk. "It could have been me", he replies.

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