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Thursday, 13 November, 2008 - 2:49 pm

Benjy finally gives in. After weeks of nagging by his mother, he agrees to go on a blind date with Judith, the daughter of one of his mother's friends. He's going to take her to Morty's Kosher Diner.

Benjy's mother tells him that she has a premonition that this will work out well for him, "It will be a shiddach made in heaven," she says .Benjy nevertheless asks his friend Tony to call him at the restaurant at 9pm to give him an excuse to leave early if need be.

Benjy meets Judith at the restaurant and very quickly realizes that Judith is not the one for him. She shows no interest in anything he talks about – all she does is talk about boring women things like babies, jewelry and shoes. So after about an hour of this, Benjy is pleased to hear his mobile phone ring. He answers it, talks for a short time, then tells Judith, in a very sad voice, "I've got to leave right away, Judith. My grandfather just died."

Judith looks very pleased to hear this. "Thank goodness for that," she says. "If your grandfather hadn't died, mine would have died in about 10 minutes."

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