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Jewish Jokes


One Sunday, little Rachel and her bubbeh go to Brent Cross Shopping Centre to buy a present for Rachel. Unfortunately, while shopping, Rachel gets separated from her bubbeh and immediately starts to cry. A security guard sees the sobbing little girl and takes her to the lost-and-found office. When they ask Rachel for her name, she replies, "Shana Punam Kenahorah Poo Poo Poo."
So they again ask her for her name and she replies, "My name is Shana Punam Kenahorah Poo Poo Poo."
So the office puts out the following message over the Tannoy,
"We have in our lost-and-found office a cute brown eyed, blond haired little girl who has lost her grandmother. If you are that grandmother, please come and claim your granddaughter, "Shana Punam Kenahorah Poo Poo Poo."
Five bubbehs immediately come running to claim her.

Self Help

Abe goes into his local WHSmith bookshop and asks the saleswoman, "Excuse me, but where is the self-help section?"
She replies, "If I told you, sir, it would defeat the purpose."

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