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We Are A Family

We Are A Family

Everyone knows someone at Chabad.

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More then what meets the eye.
inspirational. warm.
educational. spiritual. warm.
non-judgmental. economical. warm.
community. chabad. warm.
Hear from the community...
The one word that would best sum up our Chabad experience would be “welcoming.” Since joining the Chabad Hebrew School last September, our family has been embraced...
See for yourself...
Community BBQ

Shavuot Ice Cream Party

Baseball Game vs. The Jewish Academy
What to Expect at Chabad
No you don't have to be "Orthodox" to come to Chabad. What does that word mean anyway?

And no, you don't have look and dress like the Rabbi.
A true Kodak moment
If a picture is a thousand are volumes and volumes of warmth and joy!
Everyone knows someone at Chabad.
Whether it is in Hebrew School, pop-culture, or just around the town, we all have a FRIEND who is having a great time being Jewish at Chabad.
A place for us to share in each other's joy and give a shoulder if needed. We hope to use this primarily for the former!